The house I've moved to is very small and I


You could try making a box the same size as the tread with a hinge that allows you to pull it out from under the tread. I think its literally big enough for a toilet and a small sink. Fit a toilet under the stairs in our Victorian house. This stipulation in many cases rules out converting a cupboard or space under the stairs into a downstairs loo as there is just not enough space. The house I’ve moved to is very small and I would like an additional under stairs toilet downstairs. Note: If the wall under the stairs is made of brick rather than plasterboard (drywall) in my case, you may want to start demolition of the wall in the next step first. My first thought was to ‘finish’ off the back of the stairs - close them up with Risers. Although there are general building regulations which apply to most cases, every home is different and every plan to install a downstairs toilet is different. To find the angle of the stairs, I used an angle finder which I transferred over to the table saw sled. The most popular toilet in the UK, and includes pan, cistern and seat. It’s a toilet and small sink but useful! But adding a downstairs toilet isn’t as simple as it might first appear, and there are many rules and regulations to consider. Our stairs have two 90 degree turns so there is a reasonable space. Our understairs cupboard spans the whole length of the stairs and I have absolutely no idea what’s at the very back of it! I’ve seen various ideas for compartment under stairs but none for snail? The space under the stairs is currently used for storage. This is a great project to maximize any dead space you may have under a staircase. Our problem is the consumer unit is situated under the stairs and the space stores the Hoover. You will not want the stairs to burn out before you escape. The benefit of this system is that it can be adapted for any under stairs space, even including much taller drawers for larger items such as a coat rack! A corner toilet is perfect for those installations where space is needed and is the perfect solution when installing a downstairs. We do, traditional 1930s semi - stairs go up and then turn for about 3 more steps. The plumbing sits under the stairs so not in the actual room. Toilet room as well as a space to hang a door (for privacy). Previously there was a “two door” rule enforced between any toilet and the kitchen but these rules have now been relaxed as long as the new bathroom includes a sink for hand washing. There is also a smoke detector mounted very close to this area so the alarm would raise long before the stairs were at risk of m igniting from a fire.